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misao mcgregor

singer-songwriter & playwright 

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Born and raised into a musical family in Los Angeles, CA, Misao McGregor (they/them) is a singer/songwriter and playwright currently based in Louisiana. They have been trained as a classical singer and pianist from an early age and are currently self-producing their own work which has roots in indie, pop, and soul. Misao was a member of the Writers Pool (2019-2021) and Resident Playwrights Program for the 2020-2021 Season at PlayGround-LA, Los Angeles's leading incubator for a new generation of playwrights, and has had their work produced in Connecticut, Seattle, and Los Angeles. They are also the founder of Sacrosanct, a digital community blog highlighting the voices and art of queer, trans, & non-binary BIPOC. 

An openly gay, mixed-race Japanese American non-binary femme, Misao incorporates their personal experiences of marginalization into their lyrics and playwriting and ultimately seeks to provide spaces for marginalized peoples and experiences in music, art, and mainstream media. 

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