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Dandelions Conquer

It's Maya's first time home since she suffered brain trauma from a car accident and Avery wants—needs—everything to be perfect. In Maya's current state, Avery doesn't know if she'll get Maya at age five or age twenty-two—a symptom of her brain not being able to distinguish what's past, present, or future. If only the home nurse will give Avery enough time to walk Maya through the various stages of her life, finally pulling her back to the present. Compacting Maya's life into this 30-page play, all Avery can hope for is that she guides her love back home again. "Dandelions Conquer" premiered at Connecticut College through a Wig & Candle Productions April 2017, and previously received the Anne S. Richardson Awards in LGBTQ Studies for Best Creative Work in 2016.

Pizza Over Flowers

Ramira is quick to deliver a pizza to a grieving Mieko, who has just lost her grandfather, in full delivery outfit and all. They examine the differences and similarities between ceremonies of death between Japanese and Cuban families, until Ramira steers the conversation toward prom. Mieko has ten minutes in this short play to reconcile her duty to her family and her budding love for Ramira. "Pizza Over Flowers" was developed in Prince Gomolvilas's class "Perfecting the Ten Minute Play" through East West Players. It premiered as a staged reading in Slingshot New Works' "from the ashes!" in Seattle in September 2017.

firefly / a foreigner's tale

“a firefly that flies too far and burns too bright” - these are the words to describe a generational line of women whose spirits are forced to be contained by their political surroundings. as hotaru looks back on her life, confronting her time in the japanese internment camps, her granddaughter, chiyako, looks forward to her future, unsure of how to proceed in a way that will both fulfill her own desires and live up to the sacrifices her family has made for her. in this new play, inherited experience ties these two generations together as they fight for the freedom to love while inhabiting a skin they can’t escape. "firefly / a foreigner's tale" premiered as a staged reading at the Theater Capstone Festival at Connecticut College in April 2018.

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While home for Japanese New Year, Kimi is butt-hurt after a failed attempt to launch a successful social media campaign to make herself known as an artist in the digital age. When her sister, Ari, confronts her about being overly consumed with her online presence, Kimi receives a single order from the anonymous username "hellokitty55". The two sisters challenge each other over who is considered more successful in their parent's eyes as children of immigrants working to achieve their own American Dream. "hellokitty55" premiered at PlayGround-LA's Monday Night Playground series in December 2019. It was a recipient of "Best of PlayGround" and presented at the PlayGround-LA Annual Gala in April 2020. hellokitty55 was also published in the Bread Loaf Journal's 2023 Edition.

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Twins Clea and Chase return home for their 10-year high school reunion, reminiscing on the bullying and abuse they endured at the hands of their classmates. While Chase is inclined to take the high road, Clea conjures up an alternative solution to make their bullies confront the abuse they inflicted head-on. "SHITTING BRICKS" premiered at Cherry Picking NYC's "Magical Thinking" New Play Festival in August 2022.

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This ensemble piece that takes a look into the personal lives of a diverse group of individuals who find themselves having to navigate their divergent personalities and experiences together at a faculty gathering for the prestigious private high school Brighton. Centering the experiences of women and non-binary humans of color within professional settings, this play explores the respectability politics that go into sustaining institutionalized forms of racism, homophobia, classism, and misogyny. "WHITE PARTY" (formerly ADULTING) was developed during PlayGround-LA's 2020-2021 Playwright Residency where it received a development workshop and reading. During Summer 2023, "WHITE PARTY" also received a developmental reading from the Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble.

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