as a writer

Misao currently writes for the online music blog, Indie Witches, that centers the music of womxn & non-binary artists from around the globe. She has also contributed her personal essays and poetry to the Sacrosanct Collective. Their work often centers around marginalized artists or experiences, exploring the intersections of identity and broader social justice issues. 

Misao received an Honorable Mention for Connecticut College's Prize for Undergraduate Library Research in 2018 in their academic essay that explored the ideologies of Whiteness in Puccini's opera, Madame Butterfly

"Reclaiming the Sacred Relationship Between Animals & Humans Who Have Been Deemed Less Than"

"The Body Positivity Movement Was Not Meant For Me"

"Turns Out We Should Have Stayed Home" by Lucky Iris

"God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out of It" by Backxwash

"In This Room" by Lavaud

"Sick of Saying Sorry" by High Waisted

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